Going Green in Aviation

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We are all aware of the global warming we face today. The existence of human race is continuously threatened with this unbearable climate change on which we are the number contributing factor of its mess. Nevertheless, we also can’t ignore our lifestyle, profession, business, etc. where it hangs the balance of life and our environment.

As an aviation community, we must be prudent and act accordingly to the best interest of “our planet Earth” – Go Green. Support the initiatives of Green Aviation International, a non profit organization comprising of both aviation and other professionals.

Excerpts from Green Aviation International

Aviation is most definitely not the biggest contributor to climate change by far, however its rapid growth has offset improvements made in other industries. Aviation still emits massive volumes of CO2 each year, and whilst only being 2% of overall global production it still amounts to an additional 670 000 000 000 kg in a year. That volume has doubled since 1990 and is predicted to more than double again by 2025 to 1480 000 000 000 kg (1.48 billion tons). There are also other pollutants such as NOX created by inefficiencies in combustion that cause other environmental damage. Some of these pollutants damage the ozone layer that shields us from harmful radiation. These pollutants are even stronger in their impact because they are released at high altitudes. Scientists predict in different research that the total warming impact of aviation’s emissions can be multiplied anywhere between 1.9 and 2.7 times to estimate their true impact.

For sure, the Science of Climate Change is not yet settled. There is still much research to be done to understand how these things work. Indeed, a small number of scientists even say that there is no strong link between CO2 and Global Warming, although they are in a minority. Well they might be proved to be right in due course, but the other pollutants emitted by aircraft do cause damage to the fragile Ozone Layer that shields life on Earth from harmful cosmic radiation; that is a fact.

As the current Guardians of the planet we have a duty to act now to protect its future. We believe that we have no moral alternatives and must address the real issues now. For sure, aviation is far from the worst contributor to global warming, road transport and power generation are far worse, but that does not lessen the need nor urgency for people involved in aviation to clean up our own backyard instead of pointing at the bigger mess in our neighbor’s yard.

Green Aviation International is a new and quite unique organization comprising of both aviation and other professionals. We fully recognize the wonderful and positive impact of aviation on our lives, but we also fully recognize that to continue to enjoy our freedom to fly we must fix the problems quickly. We are working with airlines and rolling out a number of practical, low cost solutions to help them reduce their impact upon the environment. We only have one Earth and if we mess up our environment, there simply is no “plan B”

We hope that you will support us in the mission of helping aviation and “turning it green”! After all, humans need to fly! But please don’t forget all those other forms of transport, industry and your own home. Cut and offset your CO2 emissions now, before it is too late.

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